Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery Goat's beard A 30 to 100cm (12 to 40”) high perennial with cream coloured plumes of white flowers... Product #: TS150057

Goat's beard

Vendor: Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery
Product Code: TS150057

Acruncus dioicus

After growing as a rosette in year one, the stems get to heights of 30 to 100cm (12 to 40”) high. They are smooth, round, somewhat fleshy, from a deeply penetrating, thick taproot. Goat’s beard must have sun to grow. It tends to like disturbed soils, meadows, fields and roadsides. Leaves are alternate with one leaf per node, 30cm (12”) long, narrow, light green, fleshy, and have smooth edges. Leaf bases broaden where they clasp the stem and narrow to a sharp tip. Leaves look similar to grass blades, but unlike grass, they exude a milky juice if broken. Flower heads are large, 4 to 6cm (1¾-2¼”) across, are showy, pale lemon-yellow, borne singly at ends of stems and branches. The stalk at the base of the flower head is very thick, hollow, tapering gradually downwards to normal stem thickness. It flowers anywhere from May to July and occasionally continues until September.