Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery Pearly Everlasting Pearly everlasting is a perennial native plant (in Canada and the U.S.) that is a member of the Aste.. Product #: TS150052

Pearly Everlasting

Vendor: Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery
Product Code: TS150052

Anaphalis margaritacea

Pearly Everlasting can grow anywhere from 30cm to 1 metre (1 to3') tall. Stems are densely covered in woolly white hairs. Pearly everlasting prefers growing in sunny locations although it can be found in part shady areas as well. It likes dry fields, along roadsides, disturbed soils, and the edges of wooded areas. Leaves are 7 to 13cm (3 to 5”) long, and up to 2cm (¾ inch) wide. They are toothless, often with wavy or rolled edges, covered in white woolly hairs on both sides but more so on the underside. Pearly everlasting leaves are sharply pointed at the tip with no leaf stalk. Pearly everlasting flowers are generally flat-topped clusters of numerous 0.5cm to 1cm (¼ to 1/3”) flower heads at the top of the plant. This plant has male and female flowers, usually on separate plants. Male flowers are globular with numerous slender, erect yellowish brown staminate flowers in the yellow center disc. Female flowers are globular to egg-shaped with a yellowish to dark brown bristly ring around the top of the flower head. Both genders have what appear to be numerous tiny white petals in many layers around the centre (bracts). The bracts on the female flowers do not spread out much until seed starts forming. Flowers bloom July – October.