Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery Western mountain ash 3-15 feet (1-5m) tall deciduous shrub that has beautiful fall colours... Product #: TS150053

Western mountain ash

Vendor: Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery
Product Code: TS150053

Sorbus scopulina

Western Mountain Ash grows 3-15 feet (1-5m) tall. It grows on rocky hillsides, open woods, and along streams, usually in small clumps. Leaves Alternate and are deciduous. Has 9 to 13 leaflets, oblong-lanceolate to narrowly elliptic, 2-8 cm long, usually short-tapering to a sharp-pointed tip, smooth, finely saw-toothed almost to the base. Flowers are Inflorescence are flat-topped to somewhat rounded, branched cluster of numerous (70 to 200 or more) small flowers, the branches are white-hairy. corollas white to cream. The petals; 5, oval, 4-6 mm long. The fruit are Berry-like pomes (like miniature apples), nearly globe-shaped, 7-10 mm long, orange to scarlet.