Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery Wolf willow Silvery leafed shrub with yellow flowers that provides nitrogen for other plants.. Product #: Wolf willow

Wolf willow

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Elaeagnus commutata

Wolf Willow is found in a variety of ecosystems including prairie, wetlands and aspen birch stands. It reproduces by rhizomes and seeds. It is an important plant for providing nitrogen for other plants This silvery shrub is usually under 2 m tall, with rusty coloured twigs. Leaves are oval-shaped (3-8 cm long) and have a distinct silvery-green colour. Wolf willow flowers are small, yellow on the inside and silvery on the outside. They produce a strong musky-sweet smell. Berries are a dry silvery colour, with a relatively large, stony seed. Wolf willow prefers the moist edges of prairies, dry hillsides and open fields in aspen forests.