CCI Inc visits Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery

CCI Inc visits Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery

We were quite impressed during the CCI review of the Twin Sister's Nursery. We found the head grower Vanessa to be very experienced and knowledgeable about the array of plants that were being grown, the care and handling that was needed, and the quality control that is essential in every nursery.

We found Susan to be personable, professional, and informative. I have personally been promoting Twin Sisters as an Aboriginal nursery business to take note of and to utilize whenever possible in the future. Good management, a great grower, full Aboriginal employment, local seed acquisition, new greenhouses, all with room to expand. We commend the obviously successful hard work being put down by management and staff to start and run this new enterprise.

CCI sincerely wishes the Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery the blessing of greater success in the future.

Best Regards

Keith Ebbs, Silviculture Specialist

Forestry and Environmental Coordinator
CCI Inc.