First Nations plant nursery bringing natural touch to reclamation

Over 50 species of grass, wildflowers, shrubs and trees native to the region will be produced in approximately 14,000 square feet of greenhouse just north of Chetwynd, British Columbia this summer.

It is good news for the natural resource sector and local residents with concerns about maintaining the ecological integrity of the area, not to mention the Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations who are about to work with the mining and oil and gas industries in a new way as equal owners of the native plant nursery.

BY: James Waterman, Pipeline News North


Twin Sisters Native Plant Nursery Development

Drawing upon experience gained from the successful management of Tipi Mountian Native Plants, Ltd. KES assisted industry and first nations partners in the Peace region in business development and construction of Twin Sisters Native Plant Nursery. The facility, located in Moberley Lake, BC, is the first greenhouse and nursery to focus on the propagation of native plant species for use in reclamation.

COURTESY: Keefer Ecological Services Ltd.